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I am very happy to share our exciting news and accomplishments with our friends on campus and across the world. Since I became director in 2012, the Bobst Center has ...

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Giuliana Pardelli used her Bobst grant to conduct research on the determinants of fiscal capacity at the local level in Brazil, traveling to different archives across the country to collect ...
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Rohan Mukherjee’ s project looks at how the desire for great-power status shapes the rule-breaking or rule-following behaviors of rising powers in international arms control institutions. He was able to ...
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Romain Ferrali used his Bobst Award to continue his research into how to leverage social networks and organizational structures to reduce corruption, but conducting a lab experiment with 320 participants ...

Chantal Berman and Elizabeth Nugent spent the fall of 2014 in Tunis, Tunisia, conducting research on the country’s ongoing transition to democracy. On the day of the October legislative elections ...