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Princeton Clay Project to host a refugee benefit concert

The Princeton Clay Project, a Pace Center undergraduate club aimed at raising awareness and establishing higher education scholarships for refugees is organizing a benefit concert later this winter in the Chancellor Green Rotunda. 

The concert will be benefiting two refugees that the Clay project has been sponsoring. Nawar, a Syrian refugee living in Zaatari Camp in Jordan, is the first scholarship recipient. As a result of the funds PCP were able to raise through fundraising in the last semester, Nawar has been able to start attending Zarqa University in Jordan. She plans to pursue a degree in English Language and Literature, with the aim of pursuing a career in international relations. Nawar hopes to use her education to serve her family, community, and country.

Dogon, a Congolese refugee who lived in Gihembe Congolese refugee camp in Rwanda, will be the second beneficiary. While he is not a scholarship recipient from the Princeton Clay Project, he is currently facing many financial constraints that began while attending the University of Rwanda College of Education.
Through a night at the intersection of art and activism, PCP hope to help refugees who have not given up on their dream of pursuing higher education, despite the incredible challenges they have faced.

This event is being given financial support by the Mamdouha S. Bobst Center for Peace and Justice.