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Program on Inequality

Director: Tali Mendelberg, Professor of Politics

The Program on Inequality, in conjunction with the Center for the Study of Democratic Politics and the Department of Politics, hosts an annual interdisciplinary conference on inequality and identity bringing together scholars from across the nation to compare and contrast dimensions of inequality such as race, class, religion, language, or gender. The 2017 Princeton Conference on Identity and Inequality will be held October 13th in 016 Robertson.

This conference is in collaboration with IPRG (Identity Politics Research Group) and co-sponsored by Princeton’s Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (CSDP), Bobst Center for Peace and Justice, and Princeton Research in Experimental Social Sciences (PRESS).

Advance registration is required and is not open to the public.  The program is printed below. For more information contact Michele Epstein at

Previous paper topics have included ethnic identity and democracy across the world; the women’s suffrage movement; electoral gatekeepers and the shortage of candidates from the working class; the political legacy of Southern slavery in the United States; and how the structure of language shapes attitudes toward gender equality.

The Program also hosts a regular dinner seminar, the Workshop on Race, Ethnicity and Identity, for Princeton faculty to present and discuss their work in progress and build a local community around research on inequality. Participation is by invitation only. For more information on the REI Workshop, contact Wendy Brill at

2017 Princeton Conference on Identity and Inequality


Friday, October 13, 2017


016  Robertson Hall

Princeton University

Advance registration required


8:30 – 9:00am   Continental Breakfast
9:00 – 9:15am   Opening Remarks
9:15 – 10:15am Vin Arceneaux, Temple University: Why and How Individual Differences in Disgust Sensitivity Underlie Opposition to Immigration
Discussant: Yamil Velez, Wesleyan University
10:15 – 11:15am Michele Margolis, University of Pennsylvania: From Politics to the Pews: How Partisanship and the Political Environment Shape Religious Identity
Discussant: Markus Prior, Princeton University
11:15 – 11:30am   Break
11:30am – 12:30pm Katherine Cramer, University of Wisconsin: The Views of Populists: What Trump Voters’ Perspectives and Perceptions of Trump voters Tell Us About U.S. Democracy
Discussant: Katherine McCabe, Rutgers University
12:30 – 1:30pm  Lunch           Mentorship Groups (pre-assigned), Bernstein Gallery
1:30 – 2:30pm Zoltan Hajnal, University of California San Diego: Political Inequality in America: Who Loses on Spending Policy? When is Policy Less Biased?
Discussant: Daniel Gillion, University of Pennsylvania and Princeton/CSDP Visiting Scholar 2017-2018
2:30 – 3:30pm Rafaela Dancygier, Princeton University: National Policies, Local Politics, and Citizenship Acquisition: Field Experiments with Elected Officials in Germany (with Jeyhun Alizade and Ruth Ditlmann)
Discussant: Nikhar Gaikwad, Columbia University
3:30 – 3:45pm   Break
3:45 – 4:45pm New Research Ideas and Collaborations
Leonie Huddy, Stony Brook University
5:00 Dinner immediately following the panels for all those registered to attend the conference, Shulz Dining Room (first floor, Robertson Hall)
In collaboration with IPRG (Identity Politics Research Group) and co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (CSDP), Bobst Center for Peace and Justice, and Princeton Research in Experimental Social Sciences (PRESS)
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