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APSA 2015 – Rafaela Dancygier wins best article and best paper prizes

Rafaela Dancygier, Politics and the Woodrow Wilson School’s Assistant Professor of Politics and Public Affairs and faculty leader for the Race, Ethnicity and Identity Workshop, has received two awards from the American Political Science Association in 2015.

Professor Dancygier has been awarded the best article prize from APSA’s Migration and Citizenship Section for her 2014 article “Electoral Rules or Electoral Leverage?: Explaining Muslim Representation in England”  World Politics 66(2): 229-263.

She was also given the SAGE best paper prize for her work (forthcoming in American Political Science Review)  “Why are Immigrants Underrepresented in Politics? Evidence from Sweden.” With Karl-Oskar Lindgren, Sven Oskarsson, and Kåre Vernby.

Dancygier specializes in comparative politics, with a focus on the implications of ethnic diversity in advanced democracies. Her work has examined the domestic consequences of international immigration, the political incorporation and electoral representation of immigrant-origin minorities, and the determinants of ethnic conflict.

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