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Ryan Brutger Receives 2015-16 Harold W. Dodds Fellowship

Department of Politics graduate student Ryan Brutger has been selected to receive a 2015-16 Harold W. Dodds Fellowship, a competitive Honorific Fellowship awarded by a committee of the Princeton University Graduate School.

The Graduate School awards Honorific Fellowships to exceptional students across all divisions in their later years of study.  Collectively, the Honorific fellowships (Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship, Harold W. Dodds Fellowships, Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Fellowships, and Wallace Memorial Fellowships in Engineering) provide funding to students displaying the highest scholarly excellence in graduate work during the year.  These fellowships provide full tuition support and a stipend in excess of the base stipend rates.

Ryan has twice received Bobst Center support for his research, most recently for his proposal, “Domestic Constraints in International Bargaining: Imbedded Survey Experiments in Current Event Negotiations” which he describes as broadly examining the role of domestic actors in international bargaining, and building upon his earlier work by empirically testing how his bargaining theories transfer across issue areas in real-world negotiations.

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