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Welcome ISIP visitor Emre Ceyhun!

The Mamdouha S. Bobst Center for Peace and Justice this month welcomes Emre Ceyhun, from Istanbul, Turkey. Emre is participating in a pilot summer internship program in the social sciences which is part of Princeton University’s International Internship Program (ISIP). Emre will be working as a research intern for 10-15 hours per week and using the rest of his time on a self-driven project that relates to his proposed graduate school studies. Emre is a student at Bogazici University in Istanbul, and has experience working with Syrian and Roma children in Istanbul, as well as working as a research intern in Istanbul for the Harvard Business School and participating in an exchange program at George Washington University. Emre is fluent in Turkish and German.

Emre has this to say about his goals for his ISIP experience this summer:

“The unique social fabric of my native Istanbul has presented me with myriad opportunities to engage with some of Turkey’s most marginalized populations, particularly Syrian and Roma communities. As I became politically and academically socialized around these communities, I cultivated both a passion for academia surrounding social issues in the Middle East and a desire and drive to engage with global organizations to search for solutions to these issues. Princeton University’s ISIP program can therefore provide me with a marriage between these two interests of mine while simultaneously allowing me to participate within an incredibly stimulating academic environment among an extremely venerated faculty. More specifically, the opportunity to work with Professor Amaney Jamal would avail me of the perfect opportunity to see how researchers prominent in their fields go about contributing to the literature on the region. Princeton University, as an institution, has inculcated a tradition of excellence among its students and faculty that I hope to not only be a part of, but also to contribute to later on in my own career. By the program’s end, my observations of her research methods will undoubtedly augment my own ability to critically and meticulously analyse significant social issues in the region. I plan on eventually using these skills in my future academic works and my cooperation with global organizations to find new solutions to problems of intersectionality and identity within the Middle East.”



Emre Ceyhun (left) and Politics Ph.D. student Killian Clarke meet up in Turkey
Emre Ceyhun (left) and Politics Ph.D. student Killian Clarke met up in Turkey