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Program on Identities and Institutions

Director: Rafaela Dancygier, Associate Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School.

The Bobst Center for Peace and Justice Program on Identities and Institutions hosts several conferences and workshops a year that bring together national and international scholars to present and discuss cutting edge social science research. Some recent topics have included comparative immigration integration policy outcomes, the political and economic consequences of refugee settlement, perceptions of immigrant communities, and the politics of ethnic and racial segregation.

The next workshop will be held in March 2018 and is focused on Cities, Inequality, and Electoral Politics. This workshop will bring together scholars who are undertaking research on urbanization, urban inequalities, and their impacts on politics in developed and developing countries. Of primary interests are questions such as: What are the electoral consequences of rising income inequality and gentrification in cities? How does rural-to-urban migration shape politics and social norms? When and how do urban-rural divides influence elections? No unsolicited papers will be accepted. More information may be found on the workshop website.

In May 2017, the Program workshop tackled research on the nature, causes, and consequences of electoral realignments and the rise of populism in today’s advanced democracies. In covering these and similar subjects, “Identities and Institutions” connects scholars who work on regions across the globe.

Participation in the Bobst Center for Peace and Justice’s Program on Identities and Institutions is by invitation only.